Suits Ep 7 S1 Part 2

Harvey later goes up to Donna, and she asks if he got out on “top”. He asks why she didn’t tell him that Dana was the lawyer. She says that she didn’t desire him to catch a case of performance anxiety. Harvey says that he still got it and they are going to be able … [Read more…]

Suits Ep 7 S1 Part 3

Harvey stops Dana from leaving to let her know that he knows she tricked him and that he is slightly impressed. Harvey says that now he has no choice but to put three of Jones’ properties are up for sale, and he says that they are willing to do anything in their power to stop … [Read more…]

Suits Ep 7 S 1

The scene opens with Mike almost running into Rachel on his bike. She says that she isn’t going to tell that he cheated and that he doesn’t have to do that. They got into the office, and no one seemed to be around. Rachel says that Mike misremembers everything. Meanwhile, Harvey meets with Jones, his … [Read more…]

Episode 1 Season2

Jessica invites Mike to dinner, just like she has with other former first-year associates who are now senior partners. Mike is nervous that Jessica may have discovered that he is a fraud until Harvey reassures him that being asked to dinner by Jessica is a privilege and boost to his career. After a fantastic evening … [Read more…]