Episode 1 Season2

Jessica invites Mike to dinner, just like she has with other former first-year associates who are now senior partners. Mike is nervous that Jessica may have discovered that he is a fraud until Harvey reassures him that being asked to dinner by Jessica is a privilege and boost to his career. After a fantastic evening that night, Jessica later meets with Harvey at the office and, says she realized what it was that Harvey had seen in Mike as a lawyer, tells Harvey to fire Mike because she had discovered him to be a fraud after being informed by Trevor Evans his former roommate and best friend.

The next day, Mike gleefully walks into the office, now oblivious to the fact that he had been found out. Harvey tells Donna that he going to fire him, or else Jessica will, but when Mike walks in, he can’t actually do it and chickens out. Instead, Harvey tells Mike that he is proud of the growth in his time there.

Jenny faces off Mike in the street about his kiss with Rachel, and that Trevor had told Jessica that he was not a Havard graduate. She tells him that Trevor had told her about the kiss between Mike and Rachel