Suits Ep 7 S 1

The scene opens with Mike almost running into Rachel on his bike. She says that she isn’t going to tell that he cheated and that he doesn’t have to do that. They got into the office, and no one seemed to be around. Rachel says that Mike misremembers everything. Meanwhile, Harvey meets with Jones, his client. He says that he understands that he is trying to merge with Vega. Mike and Rachel go to find that they are doing a Mock Trial. Louis says that they are going to have their roles. Kyle and Mike and are going against each other and Lewis says that Kyle was a champion of Mock Trial for numerous years in a row. Later, Harvey hands Mike an assignment and gives advice on the Mock Trial. He states that he needs to create a situation that is going to make him win. Mike goes up to Kyle and tells him that he is not going to trial and wants to settle. Kyle says that he is more than happy to settle. They shake on it.

Harvey meets with Jones and Vega. He says that he doesn’t make any deals until his lawyer comes in. Dana Scott, Harvey’s old acquaintance, comes up and they go up to talk about the deal that is going to occur among Jones and Vega. Harvey and Dana exchange arguments and then they start to kiss and get “busy.” Later, the Mock Trial has begun, and Mike says that they are going to settle. However, Kyle says that they are ready to move forward. Mike realizes that he was just blindsided. Harvey and Dana get back to the paperwork, while they talk about their two clients. Dana begins by saying that Vega does have more properties in this situation, while Jones counters by saying that his assets have more potential. She says that she isn’t going to reveal the private books until they have a signed deal. Harvey obviously says after a moment that they won’t make a deal because its ridiculous and Dana says that if they decide to show her their books, she will, in turn, show him theirs. Mike says that Kyle is not operating fair in regards to the trial and Kyle states that he best watch his back in this case. They get back into court and Mike immediately calls the case a Defamation of Character. Jessica allows it but tells them that they have until Friday to come up with their case.