Suits Ep 7 S1 Part 2

Harvey later goes up to Donna, and she asks if he got out on “top”. He asks why she didn’t tell him that Dana was the lawyer. She says that she didn’t desire him to catch a case of performance anxiety. Harvey says that he still got it and they are going to be able to see their books. Mike is standing in Harvey’s office for a chance to say that Harvey gave him the worse advice. Harvey tells him that in the real world not everything will start going his way, because life will not allow that. This mock trial is to see what type person/lawyer he is going to be when the chips are down. Mike exits the room and walks up to Donna; she is crying, and Mike says to her that Harvey can be really insensitive sometimes. However, it’s all an act so that Mike will call her as a witness. He says that she is in. Kyle comes up and is insulting. She advises Mike to go to ask the person who is willing to help him no matter what. Mike later walks up to Jenny, and she explains that she can’t believe that he has been living such a lie and she says that’s just awesome. She asks if he can trust her and he says that he can. Later, Dana goes over to Harvey’s place with the documents in-hand. Meanwhile, Mike gets some pointers from Jenny, and she tells him to be himself during the whole thing. They kiss and then get “busy.” Towing calgary is the best option you can count on just like Harvey to carry from destination to another.

Back at Harvey’s, he realizes from that little kiss she gave him that he had then been beaten. He gets up and informs her that she is celebrating her win because she shamefully hid something in the negotiations. She dismisses it and leaves. At the firm, Mike says that they have no intention or merging. Instead, Vega wants to take over. Harvey replies that they are intending to put Jones’ hotels on the market to show that they are undesirable. The following day, Jenny gets into the office and asks for some water. Kyle saunters up and says that the winner gets the girl. Mike says that he is not going ever to make another deal with him again, during this Harvey and Louis make a bet. Harvey then goes up to Mike and asks how his doing. Meanwhile, Rachel and Jenny talk. Harvey tells that Mike needs to take advantage of Kyle’s cockiness and use it against him. Mike sees Rachel conversing with Jenny, and he is nervous because he has no idea what their talking about. Later, the Mock Trial is underway, and of course, Donna is over-dramatic in her a pointed role and winks at Mike. Kyle notices this and tries to object to the whole facade, but he is shut-down. Jenny takes the stand, and they after and they get a good role going. However, Kyle shuts it down.