Suits Ep 7 S1 Part 3

Harvey stops Dana from leaving to let her know that he knows she tricked him and that he is slightly impressed. Harvey says that now he has no choice but to put three of Jones’ properties are up for sale, and he says that they are willing to do anything in their power to stop this. He tells her that they are planning to gather all the clients together and they are going to present to them the original deal. Back in the Mock Trial, it’s Rachel on the stand before the fake court and Mike tells Donna that she is now going to play the woman in the case. He attacks her with the knowledge that she didn’t, want to tell the truth and says that she can’t cut it. Rachel yells back at him with emotion that she can cut it. Mike then goes up to Kyle and begging and pleading for the settlement. However, Kyle says that he would rather see if he will break her. Mike responds by saying that he is not going to proceed and allows Kyle to beat him in the Mock Trial. Jessica asks Mike after the trial is concluded to come to her and she tells that he is naive and soft, two qualities that they are not interested in looking for at Pearson and Hardman. This reminds me of the time I was looking for Laptop Repair Calgary and found a very unfriendly guy who gave a most uncomfortable speech about unclean, and lazy young people.

Harvey and Dana later sit down with both Jones and Vega and Harvey says that they just want to make sure that everyone comes out of this happy. Dana tries to tell everyone there that Harvey just wants to waste more hours, but Vega surprisingly says that he wants to hear what he is proposing. Harvey states that it is most important for both companies interest that a win comes out of this and both men agree to go on the original deal brought up before. Mike walks into Harvey’s office, and he then asks why he is celebrating. Harvey says that he was concerned about embarrassing his girlfriend and Harvey says that he doesn’t have what it takes to be here and Mike replies that he is trying to be a good person at the same time. Harvey says that he only calls it how he sees it. Harvey catches up with Dana at the bar and she says that she was fired by Vega and that her firm isn’t going to like that. Dana says that she is preparing to get married and that she is going through with it. Harvey tells her that he regrets that he won and Dana says that he should never be sorry for that. Meanwhile, Mike walks over to Rachel, and she then thanks him for not attacking her. She says that she is sorry that she has been treating him so bad and says that she just expects more from him in the end and walks away.